Burn-out symptoms?

Did you know that 1 in 6 of all employees in the Netherlands are suffering from burnout symptoms? This is a disaster for the individuals themselves and also a major financial drain on organisations.

The average rehabilitation process lasts 8 months and costs on average 300 euros a day, amounting to an investment of approximately € 80,000 for every case (Source TNO research 2018). Add Corona into the mix with the attendant work pressures and social restrictions, and the chances are that burnout cases will only increase more in the near future (RTL-Z article on mental wave 2020, in BLOG).

Burnouts are very complicated, long-lasting and have proven difficult to treat. Because burnouts negatively affect body, mind and emotions, they need a comprehensive approach. Enter Empower Ability. We offer far more than traditional retreats and burn-out courses. Our multi-disciplinary, 7-day course kickstarts the recovery process and gives participants all the tools they need to empower themselves both in career and private life.


Our Burnout Prevention and Recovery Programme is by far the most inclusive, comprehensive and in -depth burnout course in the Netherlands. It has been tailor-made to respond to all the symptoms and underlying causes that result in chronic stress or burnout.

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Our Approach

First we visit your company to share with you in more detail our unique approach to treating burnout effectively and explain how this can be integrated in your current treatment programme.

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Tools to take home

At Empower Ability we don’t just want to give your employees an intensive course or a retreat away from it all, however restorative that may be for a short period of time. We want to empower their innate abilities to make the right choices for themselves in the future.

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After Care Options

At Empower Ability we are convinced that our concept and comprehensive approach will kickstart a burnout recovery and ensure major steps will be made towards full reintegration in the workplace.

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empower missie

Burnout is a psychological term and not a recognised mental illness in the DSM5. Even though it is the most common cause of sick-leave, there does not seem to be a fast, effective method to treat it in all three problem areas of body, mind and emotional state.

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empower visie

The professional experience within Empower Ability, our research and our way of working on issues led to the creation of a vision on burnout reintegration processes in the Netherlands. Modern times are demanding. We need to limit stress and deal better with the stress factors we cannot remove.

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