Pricing & Location

Pricing & Location

After a year of research, education and planning, our retreats were ready. Our original choice of location was in the magical West of Ireland. Besides the rugged natural beauty of Connemara, the West of Ireland as our location challenges the idea that sunshine is necessary for recovery.  Sunshine should come from within. Knowing the country well and wanting to provide people with an escape from it all, this is still going to be the goal after a solution is found for travelling safely in the Covid-era.

We have found several accommodations in the countryside in the Netherlands that offer healthy menus and safe wellness options to relax when some outdoor options are limited by the weather. These locations are far enough away from urban centres for the average participant to feel like they are still getting away from the daily grind.

The costs of accommodation, meals, wellness and other activities are included in our retreat prices. As are the almost 200 direct support hours that we offer during the 7 days of the retreat. Yes, that is a lot of support time in only one week and it sounds like there is very little time off, unlike on so many other retreats. The reason for the intensive nature of the programme is that doing nothing is NOT helpful in burnout treatment. A good balance between working and recharging our batteries is. That means we will plan activities outside the course hours and accompany the participants in their free moments on walks or other outings. There will be plenty of opportunities for people to have time alone if they choose but we will be available during all waking hours for support and individual attention whenever needed.

Total all-in costs for the retreats, including the company presentation, interviews with the prospective participants, the evaluation of the questionnaire, the development of the individual burnout recovery plan, all the teaching, training and therapy (group and individual) during the retreat and reports to the support team and company involved comes for the retreats in 2021 to: € 3.775,-. Therapy hours are normally partially covered by health insurances and can be reimbursed from them under the additional coverage options.


Our hourly rates are:

Therapy € 85,- per hour (tax exempt and often covered by personal health insurance)

Coaching € 85,- per hour

Training/Consultancy € 100,- per hour

Customers who can fill a whole retreat of 6  to 10 participants will be offered an adjusted retreat, tailor-made to the specific organisation, including HRM-advice if desired. We are open to negotiate the course price in those cases. The discount offered will depend on the circumstances and needs of the organisation and participants involved.