Our Approach

Our Approach

In verband met de complexiteit van een burn-out is belangrijk dat alle betrokkenen met al hun inzichten en deskundigheid worden meegenomen voor acceptatie tot de retraite. Dat betekent dat wij een uitgebreid vooronderzoek zullen doen naar de problematiek, haar oorzaken, geprobeerde stappen en ervaringen voordat toegang tot het programma met afstemming met andere deelnemers een feit kan zijn. De volgende stappen zullen worden doorlopen. Dit is een proces van mogelijk maar een paar weken en niet maanden en is met name afhankelijk van de tijd die de organisatie en de beoogde deelnemer hebben in de voorbereiding.

Before the retreats

First we visit your company to share with you in more detail our unique approach to treating burnout effectively and explain how this can be integrated in your current treatment programme.

We will be need to consult the HR department and line manager to gain insights into the background of your burnout cases.

After you have given us the go-ahead, our next step will be to consult the specialists who are already treating our prospective participants, as we know they can give us valuable insights.

Next, applicants will be invited for an interview to determine whether our course is suitable for them.

Once the participants are accepted to our course, we will send them an elaborate questionnaire to help us create their individual burnout recovery plan.

We ask every organisation to sign a contract covering each participant and we ask the participants themselves to sign a confidentiality agreement. We need these measures to create an atmosphere of trust and openness and to prevent any miscommunication.

After taking these steps, the real work begins with the individual recovery plan which will be shared with the parties involved before the retreat. The participant will be provided with concrete details on the retreat and literature to read in advance.

During the retreats

Our retreat groups will comprise between 6 and 10 participants to ensure quality. There will be a fixed day schedule and all our interactive exercises and meetings have been adapted to become Corona-proof to ensure the safety of our participants.

Although we are not nutritionists, our research into burnout has convinced us of the importance of nutrition as part of the recovery process. In light of this, we have found business partners that will provide us with wholesome, organic menus that also support a healthy blood sugar level in our clients.

We also aim to provide wellness options on our retreats, depending on Corona limitations.

After the retreats

With the permission of our participants, we will communicate the steps they have taken towards recovery with the involved organisation and healthcare professionals.

At this point it should be clear what is still needed to complete the recovery process. Aftercare options are discussed to ensure that momentum and energy levels are maintained and full recovery will be achieved as quickly as possible.