Therapist, coach, yoga teacher

I am Sinead Daly, an integrative therapist from Ireland with my own practice on the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam. I have decades of experience in supporting people in attaining mental, emotional and physical health. I started out as a yoga teacher in the 1990’s. specialising in revalidation and stress-related symptoms. In 1997 I finished a 4-year course in body-based therapy. In 1998, I  set up my own practice, Healthy Choices.

After a number of years I noticed that, while body-based therapy is a wonderful way to release blocked emotions and stress, a lot of my clients also needed support in giving those emotions a place in their lives. To offer them a more complete treatment, I then did a course at the ACC in coaching and counselling. However, this course did not go deep enough for me so I followed it up with a three year course in Integrative Psychotherapy at BGL and Partners, a private institute in psychotherapy. I graduated in 2011 and have been practicing as an integrative therapist ever since.

Integrative therapy taught me a variety of interventions from different disciplines in therapy and counselling that I can use in different situations. Some clients benefit most from Rogerian counselling, some clients respond very well to hypnotherapy and others to inner child work , regression or Gestalt. I can use a combination of techniques to give each client a unique treatment tailor-made to their needs. I work a lot with expats because, as an immigrant myself, I understand the themes and problems expats often struggle with as they adapt to life in a new country.

I am also very experienced in treating psychosomatic problems, where stress and anxiety are experienced as physical symptoms. I have successfully helped many people suffering from burnout and I have supported people in their grieving process after the death of a partner or close family member. People who want to focus on solution-based coaching can also find a good partner in me, as I enjoy practical coaching to achieve specific goals, while eliminating the inner and outer blocks to achieving those goals.

Working with people and supporting them in their growth and development is my passion in life. In recent years I have noticed how work and social pressures have resulted in an enormous increase in people burning out, and so I decided to specialize more in this area, to help my clients deal better with stress and recover more quickly from exhaustion or burnout using all the tools I had acquired as an integrative therapist. While working on body, mind and emotions as well as the subconscious to tackle obstacles in all these affected areas , it became clear  to me that the effectiveness of burnout recovery is dependent on addressing all these four areas in a comprehensive approach.

The Burnout Prevention and Recovery Retreat Programme is the culmination of many years exploration, experience, specialization courses and learning from my clients and the challenges they have brought into our work together. It is the next step in my professional and personal development and I am looking forward to sharing my passion and skills with the retreat participants as well as my belief in them and their own abilities.

Sinead Daly


Trainer, HRM-consultant

I was born in ‘the hell of 1963’ when the temperature was minus 15 degrees centigrade and the most brutal eleven-city skating race was held in Holland. From early youth, my life was full of challenges that shaped me and caused me to see every problem as an opportunity to learn and grow and develop new skills along the way.
From the age of four I knew I wanted to be a pilot. When I became one at 18, I realised that flying was for me a fantastic hobby but not quite the right career for me. I noticed that I was a more passionate flight instructor than I was a charter pilot. I found I was more interested in figuring out why the flight club where I worked, had so few clients than I was in flying those clients around.

In 1987 I started my my master in Business at the University of Twente and 1991 I entered the world of organisational advice. There I was met with many interesting challenges, encountered many inspiring people and gained a lot of experience. The diversity in my tasks stimulated me until, as the years passed, I began to miss a certain depth. So, I switched track from ICT consultant to HRM consultant and trainer, and from there I ended up in Recruitment&Selection. I started to give more training courses and I loved supporting the personal development of employees within the workplace.
My life has been a voyage of discovery to find my own greatest talent and I finally discovered that this is helping other people to find their own greatest talent and then empowering them to pursue their ideal career.

My tendency is to be a giver. This attitude and poor communication lead to my divorce in 2008. I closed down my training institute, Aileron Advice and Schooling, after ten years of hard work and instead took a job as a Senior HRM consultant that year. But a car accident resulting in a whiplash and the economic crisis nipped that career in the bud. With limited demand for consultants and trainers in my area of expertise, I decided to go into sales, having had plenty of experience as an entrepreneur in selling things/ideas/help. This work did not make me happy. On the contrary, it slowly drained me of energy.  Some problems in my private life compounded the impact of a disappointing job and I suffered from high blood pressure, daily headaches, forgetfulness and enervation. These symptoms were all analysed by specialists, but nobody could explain them or give me a diagnosis.

My second wife pointed out to me that I was probably still suffering from a burnout and with her help I soon recovered. After having lost so many years to an undiagnosed and untreated burnout, I decided to develop a course that would help other burnout patients recover more quickly than I did and prevent unnecessary suffering. 2020 my wife and I positioned Empower Ability under the umbrella of Healthy Choices and started work on Burnout Prevention and Recovery Retreats. This now is my main goal in life.

Clement Faber