As a change management consultant I found out that prevention is better (and certainly cheaper) than cure. Together with Sinead Daly from Healthy Choices, I offer specialised stress-relief coaching to companies for employees who are suffering from stress symptoms. We want to be on time to prevent burnout which can result in employees being home sick for up to three years.

Our special stress- relief programme uses a combination of coaching, counselling, breathing techniques, stress-release movement (for example yoga) and sleep-improvement exercises to tackle the symptoms of stress from both a mental and a physical perspective. Mental stress is stored in the body so it is important that employees learn physical ways to release a buildup of stress.  Even though stress is mental in origin, it is the physical symptoms of exhaustion, chronic pain, sleep disturbance, stress headaches etc that keep employees home from work. Stress also plays havoc on our immune systems and is a contributing factor to many illnesses.

So in our programme, next to coaching and counselling, we also teach techniques in self-care. We help employees to monitor and express their feelings and set better personal and professional boundaries to improve their performance and happiness in their professions. In so doing we empower your employees to take responsibility for their own mental and physical health and maintain their balance and performance under pressure.

During an intake, it will be determined how much assistance your employees need and what shape that should take.

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